Google Business View -
           ...brings Google Maps Street View into your business!

With Google Business View, you can help increase your online presence with every Google search! When potential customers search for your business, they'll be able to do a virtual walk-through of your establishment -- if you're a restaurant, they can pick a table or peruse your menu. If you're a clothing store, they can see what the fashions are and if you're a gym, they can check out your equipment and layout. What a great way to bring in customers. This program is designed for small businesses but many large businesss and venues are using this too!


New customers come in the first time as "regulars"!  

Check out some examples of the tours I have photographed below as well as the short videos at the very bottom. You will get a good idea of what a Google Business View (360 virtual tour) is all about.  

If you still have questions...


...then check out the short videos below. Google put these case studies together showing off different venues and how they can help you, the business owner, maximize your online presence. If you have further questions, call, email or text me.  Google Business View is a one-time fee - no monthly costs or maintenance plans. This is more affordable than you think! 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. If I don't have the answer, I'll contact Google directly for assistance. 


Google Business View HIGHLIGHTS

* 360 panoramic photos taken of the inside of your business
* Point of Interest (interior decor, logo, menu, front of business, awards) still photos included - a minimum of 10!
* 360 tour and Point of Interest photos published to the Internet
* Google hosts your business tour and photos for free
* One time photography charge - no monthly charges or maintenance


Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you. 


-David Oertel

Your Certified Google Trusted Independent Photographer

Here's a testimonial from an Austin Business.

What a great way to see inside the store, with a self-guided walking tour! I didn't shoot this tour, but they did a great job. 


Imagine this as your business. Would this benefit you? If so, contact me and we will make this happen.

A cool and unque dog bakery.


Who would have known if it not for Google Business Photos? 

Here is a sample video tour from an Austin Restaurant

If you're a restaurant owner, this will help customers find your place and see it from the street, then walk in and check out the inside with a 360-degree view.  Maybe they'll pick out their favorite spot for their next visit!

Link your business' panoramic view to your business web site too!

Short video on Google Business Photos.  
The video is only a minute long - check it out. 

"See businesses inside and out with Google Maps"

Give me a call or send me an email if you are interested in adding a panoramic tour of your business to Google Maps. 

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